Appealing a ban from the expert server

Hi everyone,

Yesterday i was coming to an end of a transatlantic fought from porto to Newark, and (because of TOD miscalculation), I was forced to go around and attempt a second approach.

Whilst I was on final (mind you it was 5am and was tired as hell) I selected the ils for the wrong runway accident resulting in me being reported and ghosted.

Is there a way to appeal this ban from the expert server or will it stick, as i read in the forum that your banned for like a week (which is the amount left on my current subscription)?

Unfortunately this probably wont be lifted. You made a mistake which so understandable but mistakes are made to enable a lesson to be learned.

If you check the replay or your log book you can find the controller to discuss the ban via DM here.

Alternatively you can message @appeals to discuss the matter.


Hmmm… This case gives me a very intersting idea for a feature request in the future.
According to the case you describe this was a kind of mistake that may happen in the real world, too and might lead to an incident report.

Having in mind that we are freetime-pilots (for most cases) and we are doing single-pilot operations here, which makes us even more prone to errors. In your case your copilot might have intervened there.

That being said, i think a one week long ban is maybe not the right measure in cases like yours, seeing that you admit your mistakes and you know the cause. It is all human.

It might be a great feature in the future to reverse bans that are caused by slips like yours, when filing a small incident report in the IF community, so anyone can learn from that.
This would bring us to a less punitive and even more encouraging flying culture altogether.

Of course wilful destructive behaviour must still be assigned with a ban.

I guess i will laborate on this and submit such feature request as soon as i can.

Have a great day!


Send a message to @appeals with your replay.

20.1 will he be with it new violation levels so only some will result in 7 days from the expert server.