Appeal Ghosting at KYKM

Hello. My callsign was N730QM. I was about to take off from KYKM Runway 4. I realized that I had accidentally entered the runway in the XCub and immediately turned around to exit. By the time I exited the runway, The ATC was also aware of my mistake and sent a warning, then immediately ghosted me. I am new to the XCub and didn’t adjust to it yet. Can I appeal the ghosting?

@Leon_B is currently controlling KYKM. He will get in touch once he has closed. 🙂


You may contact your controller, Leonard, via PM to discuss the matter.

In the future, however you should never fly on Expert with a new aircraft that you’re not used to (as stated by the SLT of my VA), as this is an example of exactly what could go wrong.

Tyler definitely mentioned to practice the xcub in solo first before going into expert as its a challenging aircraft.

Another topic that can help you:

I have replied him via PM. The topic can be closed now. Thanks.

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