Appeal for Violation 3

I was issued violation 3 after clearance was given for departure. The reason was that I was unauthorised to enter the runway. The violation is incorrect and I request for the correction of my records. Thank you

Hi pleas contact the Controler in an Privat message

How do I do this?

Hey, feel free to contact @appeals

Hello, can you give us this information please?

What was the airport where you were ghosted?

Which runway were you cleared to take off from?

Search for the Controlers name here in the IFC then go on his profile and click on private message if you can’t do that because your trust level isn’t hifh enough just let me know the Controlers name

Yeah but then I wish to know which airport it is, because if it is honolulu, it is possible that it is crossed a nearby runway

Kahului -
PHOG runway 2

I contact the controller in question

Hello mate!

Welcome back to IFC Forum, please check the tutorial below for how to appeal your violation, thanks!

Thank you.

the controler is @LordWizrak

Drop me a PM. I’ll talk you through what happened. Thanks.


I was at PHOG runway 2 and United in front me who was not sure what he was doing it seems. I was given clearance and I entered the runway and of course United was in front of me. I was not sure what happening with this situation before I was given violation 3. Apologies but I was confused.
Appreciate support in correcting the records. Thanks.

Thank you.

Please send a message to @appeals. Our team will be happy to have a look at your appeal.