Appeal for Level 3 Violation

I was flying from EGCC to EGLL, it was my first flight after weeks in Expert server, I was told to follow the flight plan for landing as I had selected r/w 27L for landing, the ATC had instructed me to turn left to 090 and was about to disengage the autopilot and suddenly without any warning I was giving a level 3 Violation, like how?? There was separation between me and other a/c as well, please sort this mess out.


Contact @appeals and if they believe it was unfair than they will remove it.

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Enter a DM with the controller who reported you, or call @appeals

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Hey there! Sorry to hear that you feel you were reported unfairly.

I would encourage you to read through, and use this step-by-step guide on how to contact your controller and appeal a violation, if you feel it was given out wrongly:

Remember, appeals can only be made within seven days of the violation being issued. After seven days, it’s no longer possible to appeal a violation, so don’t take too much time in submitting your appeal. And of course, don’t forget to upload and share the replay file with the @appeals team as well, via

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