Appeal for ghosted

I was flight Cessna 172 at LPMA.when taxi to the runway the aircraft in front of me seems to connect issues it just disappear so I continue taxi further more then that aircraft appear immediately on my position. Then I was ghosted by ATC at the moment.

Check your logbook, find the controller, and PM them. :)

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Since you are a Basic User, you’re not able to PM. Tell us the Controllers’ name that ghosted you, and we will notify him/her.

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I have PMed whoever ghosted me, how long is it until they might reply and hopefully reverse the report?

It depends. Some are not very active, and some are very active on the Forum.

If they’re still controlling, don’t expect them to respond during the session. Personally, IFC is the first place I visit after my session, so probably not too long after they close.

You can speed upmthe appeal process by sharing a replay to the PM showing the plane disconnecting and reappearing. (If they lost connection with the server, it will be shown in the replay.)

I’ll find my logbook. Thanks inform.


Basic users can PM ;)


Please upload your replay to and give us the replay link.

We don’t need it.

As always, these are handled via PM.