Appeal a violation

Hello. I was flying a Singapore airlines a359 out of london today and did all the normal procedures and everything. However whilst I left the phone for the flight and went away, the flight stalled and crashed into the ground but gave me a speed violation. I don’t think this is completely my fault and I was grade 4 but now grade 3 because of this. Is there anything I can do to try and get it removed?

Unfortunately Level 1 violations are unable to be removed because they are system-generated.

Next time make sure you monitor your flight all the way up to cruise to ensure you don’t stall out :)

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Ah ok well thank you for that info. That makes sense well I’ll just have to wait a week then before I get to grade 4 again.

It’s honestly not the end of the world :) - at least you still have access to the Expert Server!


Yup I know. Probably a mistake on my half but never expected a stall to happen as I do tons of long and heavy flights such as DXB-LAX and back on a daily basis while I’m at school.

Yeah unfortunately just a misjudgement in vertical speed can stall you out - even the most experienced players here will make mistakes occasionally- it happens.

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Yup well it happens to the best of us but thank you again for the advice

You are very welcome! If you have any more questions - feel free to PM me, my inbox is always open!

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What Benny said is mostly correct, however you can appeal level 1 violations if they are caused by a glitch in the game (falling through the ground for example). If it is an issue caused by you (overspending etc.) then the violations won’t be removed.

If you feel like it wasn’t your fault you can send a message to the Appeals team and we will help you out.


I wasn’t over speeding my flight was climbing to cruising and as soon as I watched it , it stalled to the ground and I wasn’t there to watch it and take control so it obviously oversped since it stalled.