Apparently TBM’s can fly from SCEL to EGLL

Hi! This is just something funny I found, when using IF Operations for my flight from SCEL to EGLL. I used a 772, but for some reason IF Operations thought it was a TBM…

Just something funny I thought I would share.


Yakshimash, normally it says 772 as the correct aircraft

wait, why would you use a tbm to fly that route ? how many stops did you have to make ?

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Ah, I think you misunderstood. I did not use a TBM for the route, it is IF Operations made and error and stated it was a TBM, when it was actually a 777-200ER.

no, I don’t think IF Operations lies, why would they tell you that you fly a different plane than you do, did, or will. I use ifo all the time and some of my friends use it to it no lies. I no even ever see the app lies. why would you use the tbm tho ?

and if it rly isn’t lying then do you have the replay ?

@Arming_Laurent, there’s no reason why you should be asking for a replay, especially since you don’t have the authority, nor the reason to do so. So what, IF Operations may have had a hiccup. Or, it might’ve been something else. But, there’s no reason for the argument either, gentlemen. It was posted as a joke, just laugh it off and move on.

@Astreal, perhaps if you started another flight before ending the log with IF-Ops, it switched aircraft. It’s happened to me before, after finishing a flight in the 787, I spawned in the C172, and as a result, it showed I flied a five thousand mile flight in a C172. Might just be an error, but it’s pretty awkward, lol.


It’s obvious that it isn’t the TBM - it can’t cruise higher than FL310 and the OP went to FL390.

Look at the take off speed and landing speed it is quite clear that it’s a 772. Everyone makes mistakes I think it’s best if you just laugh it off sometimes rather than cause an argument 🙂


You sure about that Laughs in FL490


Hey a question, how or where did you found or made this flight plan? I love that structure. 😝

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IF Operations, in the App Store. :)

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Yes, I have the replay.

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I don’t think so, I restart my iPad before any long haul trip, and I always restart all apps that connect with Infinite Flight.

No, did you START a TBM flight AFTER your 772 flight landed?

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No, I ended the flight and made the flight report.

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