App wont work for this device?

Hi all. Im trying to download IF again and the google play store wont let me. Anyone know why this might be? The phone should be able to run IF as its new. I have attached a screenshot.
All help appreciated!


What device are you using to try and download the app?

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Im on a samsung galaxy A13.

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It says on the screenshot that you posted that the app cannot work for the device.

I don’t have the same device so I’m not sure why.

That device is unfortunately not running a 64-bit version of Android, which is one of our requirements.
There are one variant of the A13 that does which has the model name SM-A136S, but that would the only one. And based on your issue, your device is not a SM-A136S.

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Ah that is a huge shame. Im assuming there is no way to update the processor on phones without opening it all up?

It’s not a matter of hardware. That’s probably 64-bit on your device.
It’s the OS version that Samsung have decided to put on your device.

In all honesty, this is a typical Samsung thing to do that makes absolutely no sense to us. There’s several devices like yours that are equipped with a 64-bit chipset but with the software being 32-bit. Bonkers if you ask me…

To our knowledge, there’s no way of circumventing this…


Ah that is a shame. Thanks anyway!

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