App won't let me pay for a subcription!

To all my fellow aviators: I am back on the sim!

After some time of not having the subscription, I have decided that it is time to get is again. Unfortunately, when I want to execute my desire of buying the app again, (just after I accept the terms and conditions), there appears a screen that says “Please wait” and a loading arrow. Here, I should be promted to authorize my payment, but the screen stays as it is for more than 5 minutes.
I did try the usual stuff: restarted the app, restarted the device, and even deleted the app (and installed it again). Clearly, that did not work 😜, as I am asking youfor help today.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What device & operating system are you on? eg - iPad & IOS.


Maybe the card is invalid?

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If you are on ios you have to allow in app purchases in the settings.

Of course, how did I forget?
I am using an Ipad air 2, and IpadOs

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Already did so, but thank you 😁


Do you know if you have any restrictions enabled on your device that prevents in-app purchases by any chance?


No: the only restriction I have is that my lovely mother needs to authorize purchases, but I have bought IF pro on more than 5 separate occasions, so I am pretty sure that in the month that i have not played, things have not changed that much… 😉

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I hope I’m not going over mod’s authority to answer here, just thought I’d share my own solution as I’ve been experiencing the same awhile back.

Mine was because I miscalculated the 10% tax incurred by google as I’m in a different country, only short of a few cents. Been rejected sub for days, even re-installed both IF and Googleplay to no avail… until I realized that mistake.

Sorry if in case this isn’t the solution for you but thought you might want to make sure the right amount is usually more than what it says on screen. Hope that helps, cheers!

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There is likely an issue regarding the Ask to Buy restriction and in-app purchases. Have you ensured your iPad is up-to-date? If it is, ask your mother to remove the restriction so you can purchase your subscription.

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