App won’t open after Crash

After “ending flight” after watching an 8 hour air show yesterday, the app
Crashed. Ever since I haven’t been able to open IF. I Do not want to reinstall as I don’t want to lose my replay files or my logbook history. I’ve restarted my phone several times but it still isn’t working. The app just won’t open.

I’m afraid reinstalling is the only way I can see this working. Your online logbook history will be saved as it is stored on a server rather than locally on your device, but your replays will be gone. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of any more help.

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In case you reinstall you will only loose your replays and not the logbook at least it was the case for me.

Is there possibly any way we could save at least one replay file?

Since you cannot open the app at all, I’m afraid not.

What device are you on?

Does it crash immediately when you hit the icon?

I’m on an iPhone 8 and it goes black then crashes within a second

Does it just close or does it give the “infinite flight has stopped working” dialog box?

It just closes

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