App will not download unless I Pay again

I was beta tester for Infinite Flight iOS and am trying to go back to the normal version on Infinite Flight since the testing is done. When I go on to the App Store to download it, it wants me to pay for it again to download it. Has anyone else had this issue? What should I do? I included some photos too.

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This is due to beta. Reinstall the app or restart your device. If problem persists contact a moderator I guess

Did you have IF installed before the beta?

Also, are you sure you are using the same apple ID?

Yes, I had Infinite Flight before the beta. About a year ago, I switched AppleIDs, could that be the problem? I bought IF on the other Apple ID but it should’ve transferred the purchase since I didn’t delete it, right?

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Yep that’s the issue… you won’t be able to have the apps you installed with a different Apple ID.

Here’s the weird thing though, I am still sharing App Store purchases via family sharing with the old Apple ID.

Thank you for the help! Will I just have to purchase it again?

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I guess you will, but I am not familiar with the “family sharing” you are talking about, so I am not sure.

Ok, I will, thanks again for the help!

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Anytime! 🙂

If you are sure you have family sharing enabled just act as if you want to buy it and then it would say something like “This app was bought by another family member. It will be downloaded for free” after you enter your itunes password

Thank you so much! It worked!