App will not connect after downloading

Every time I try to open the app from my iPad I get this message. Saying cannot connect check internet connection despite haveing great WiFi and cell signal.

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Hello there!

  • What version of Infinite Flight do you currently have,

  • And what is the device you are using currently,

  • Is your device running iOS or Android, and state what is your system version.

  • What is your current Internet provider and what is your internet speed?

Hope these few steps help at first.

I suggest:

  • Restart Infinite Flight
  • Restart Your Device
  • Restart Your Router

You mentioned having a great WiFi, but sometimes the connection can be compromised without you knowing.

If none of the above work, an uninstall then reinstall might fix this.

I suggest following @anon7075715 steps as I was just having the same issue.

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