App Unable to be Launched

Hi there, reporting on behalf of someone. Responses may be slow.

Samsung A11
OneUI 3
App Version 22.03

App is unable to be opened, promoted by following pop up:

Action taken thusfar:

  • App Restart
  • App Update
  • App Reinstall
  • Device Restart
  • Google Play Cache Cleared
  • Google Play Restart

Issue is present with no other app on device


This error is triggered from Play Store and not Infinite Flight, so our hands are a bit tied in this case.
Best place to start is here and to make 100% sure all steps have been followed as described:


Hey Seb, would you recommend just taking this up directly with google?

I have another user with the same issue via email. Or maybe it’s the same?
Either way, there’s little we can do in this case. So it might be good to reach out to Google, if possible. As with more large companies, they’re not the easiest to get relevant support from.


Alright, I appreciate the help, this can be closed

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