App turnos off

The app has a problem. When using (starting a flight) after a while the app turns off by itself.

Operating system:

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I’ve already deleted the app and reinstalled it several times. I noticed that the server was down or unstable

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Hey, on what device did this happen?

I have an IPad 5

Have you tried some tips mentioned here regarding how to improve performance on your device?

This problem has been happening for 5 times. The last time was earlier today (local time).

Have you tried the following?

  • Restarting your device before every flight
  • Lowering your graphics setting
  • Lower airplane count
  • Clearing the Scenery cache on the IF settings
  • Ensuring your device has at least 3GB of storage to run smoothly.

Although it might not solve the issue, it can reduce the chances of being involved in a future device crash.

I haven’t restarted the device after each flight, but this hand prevented it in the past. But I will. I have much more than 3 GB on the device. I will check the settings and move to 30 FPS, but as it was configured before, it also did not cause any problems such as turning it off alone. I’ve already reported to Apple as well. I’ve been setting it up very simply. I appreciate your disposition, but I don’t believe it’s the configuration.

Interesting. Forgot to mention but do you have the latest Infinite Flight version as well as your device operating system’s latest version?

Version 22.8 (2548)

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