App that helps in IF

Is there an app that would help with checklist and what not especially made for IF ?

Something like this?


Not for checklist, but for tracking flights in live:
Web (By Cameron):

Android (By me):


Is it worth it ?

Well I haven’t purchased it so I won’t know.

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Thank you.

These are all the assistant apps that I’m aware of at the moment

There are two apps that Val mentioned - LiveFlight (web) and Infinite Tracker (Android) - to track flights

@lollip made an app that lets you know when your friends fly or control in Infinite Flight, called Infinite Pilots (iOS)

Axel Beder and I have an app for to get information about airports (the checklist feature is designed for controllers, but everything else is applicable to both controllers and pilots) called IFATC Helper (for iOS; Android planned sometime in the future)

Then there’s the IF Checklist app that Captain Dawud mentioned. (iOS) The last one suits what you need the most, so you could try that one out, though my personal opinion is that it could have a few improvements made to reach its full potential.

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