App takes up 12gb of storage


Lately, I’ve noticed Infinite Flight takes up over 10GB of storage on my phone, currently 12.43, which is over 1/6 of my phone’s storage, I have cleared unwanted replay files and have also cleared my scenery cache, I’ve recently been recording my skiing trips and need the storage on my phone to download the videos, so if anyone has anything to help it would be greatly appreciated


Clearing replays and the scenery cache will help somewhat.

But, after having the app for a while, your device will download more and more planes and liveries from loading them in - these consume far more storage than anything else. Unfortunately, I believe deleting the app and reinstalling is the only way to remove a large chunk of that storage (which will then build up again over time and eventually you’ll have to delete and reinstall again).

Also, make sure you back up any replays you may want before deleting the app.


thank you! How do I back up the replays i need?

You can use to store them. However they are only stored for a maximum of 14 days.

ok! thank you for the help!

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