App stuck on loading screen

does this help?

the only apps i have are the basic apps required for phone to function, as i said, 50gb storage used out of 128

well i did everything and checked everything according to this article

Let me make it clear on what actually is the problem: When the app was running fine overnight and till today morning, why suddenly it decides not to load?

you should try emailing Infinite flight.

i think i will resort to the email option 24 hrs after this topic gets going because usually these support topics get solved on the forum here.

ok wish you luck mate !!!

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thanks for the help, good day!

this to solve, will take a while haha

By not loading, can you be a little bit more specific? Is there any error code showing? Where is not loading - is it when you launch infinite flight or when you try loading into a flight?

i think he means he is not able to get into the game and it stay as loading screan

when i launch the app, not load a flight, and yes, no error code was seen.

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Hey @CaptainAftab,

From what I’ve read so far, it sounds like you’ve exhausted many options in trying to sort the issue. To clarify, can you list out exactly what you’ve done in an attempt to resolve the issue? This will help reduce redundant resolutions. Furthermore, when you open your app, does the loading screen show up at all, does the little loading icon begin animating, or does it cut out in between?



Looking into it a bit more, it seems that Infinite Flight is not officially supported on post-2019 Huawei devices due to Google Play restrictions. This means there’s no official way to download Infinite Flight on Huawei devices post-2019. That means that for those devices, IF has to be downloaded from some unofficial method (such as downloading an unofficial APK file) which have no guarantees to actually work.

Perhaps this post/topic explains what you’re experiencing. It might not be exactly the same but it could be the same fundamental problem as the person who created the support topic below also was using a Huawei device.

Edit: Only thing though, as Drew pointed out, It seems like your device was released in 2018, so I’m not sure if this is actually the case though.

Oooh good point. However, Huawei Nova 3s were released back in 2018 and the international version does have Google Play legally to my knowledge. But if that isn’t the case here, might explain it…


Good point - I totally glossed on thinking about when the device was released. Then you’re probably right, it’s probably something else

Well, it’s a list but here it is:

-Rebooted phone 2 times
-restarted phone 5 times
-Switch off phone 5 times and switched back on
-Reinstalled IF 3 times
-Cleared data and cache from settings of the app
-Cleared as much as storage possible, rn 50/128 gb used

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I have the play store in my phone and it’s running well, as I said before, the app was running well and buttery smooth until a few hours ago for which I made this topic

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Before I take this to the support team via email, please has anyone got any ideas or advice on what to do?

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Honestly, at this point I’m unsure, though perhaps Drew (or someone else) has an answer. It seems like a rather complicated situation so it would make sense to contact support by email to get this figured out.

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