App stuck on loading screen

Device: Huawei Nova 3
Operating system: 64 bit processor, 128 gb total storage, 50 gb used

This app was running as smooth as butter till today when i try to enter the app for an overnighter, it decides to say “nope”

Oh yes, and as per requirements, you need android 7 and above, this phone is rn android 9

hello there may be a possibility you will have to delete the app then reinstall. text back if it works

A bit extreme.

Have you restarted your device?

haha mate, i have tried every possible thing, restarted 10 times, hard reboot 2 times, cleared cache, freed up storage, uninstalled and reinstalled app for 5th time now.

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that is intresting what year is your device and how to i get to TL2 because i am trying to apply my airline china vitrual

i dont think year matters mate, my phone meets all requirements to run the app, it was running fine yesterday, today morning, until 1 hr ago

And yes, getting to TL2 you need to meet requirements set to the discourse blog levels

this link below answers your question

that is strange but i remember this happening to my device too

well, my device is in the same boat now, i cant even figure out if its app issue or phone issue

is your phone out of date?

out of date meaning? or did you mean “out of data”?

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the worst part of all of this, is that i had to delete all my app data, which will delete my replays which i was saving to make YT videos

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i mean like your phone is not updated

whats your youtube channel?

fully updated to android 9.1

just search my username :) but lets stick to this support thread pls, we can continue this discussion in our dms


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is there any possible solution to this problem?

possiblity is to delete some apps you can also try updating you phone