app store problem

I added a new card to my iTunes account and was instantly charged for $17 worth of items I have bought in the past! I have not used the Infinite Flight app since about a month! I just added this new credit card and was charged for these purchases that I did not buy! This is outrageous and I must have a refund. I CANNOT have these charges on this card. The card was only added so iTunes could let me update some apps.

If you have never had infinite flight before and it says that you have bought something from indefinite flight, contact Apple.

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Sorry! My wording was wrong! I meant to say that I have not used the app in about a month. Sorry

Hi Jon, sorry to hear you have experienced this issue. As others have highlighted, this is an issue on Apple’s end (FDS do not handle anything that is payment related, this is handled by the respective app store). Your best bet is to contact Apple support about this as soon as possible - hopefully they will be able to sort this out for you.
This is a strange issue, the first I hear of it too.

Good luck! :)


Five years ago, when I added my (father’s) credit card to iTunes, the charge was something around €1.

Anyway, your issue is not related to Infinite Flight.

apple is a scam. when i was buying ringtones i ended up buying the same one 50 times because it would say buy 1.29 and i thought it didnt go through cuz the price doesn’t go away. thankfully apple refunded and now i have 50 of the same ringtones