App Store is prompting me to rebuy the app

Hi, I got a new iPad this morning (8th generation) and transferred everything over from my old air 2. When I went to open the app I got a error reading as, “ app unable to download”. When I went to the App Store it says the app is 0.99$ which does not makes sense because I’ve already bought the app and hold a pro subscription. I’ve had the game for over five years, and originally bought it for 4.99$ like most of you. Hope this can be cleared up, thanks.

Your device is connected with the same Apple ID correct?

If so, I would continue the download as if you were purchasing it again, before you type in your password, it should show that “A family member has already owned this app,” you should then be able to download it for free.

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Yes it’s connected with the same Apple ID. I’ll try your suggestion rn.
Edit it did not work

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Hmm, I’d contact Apple for this issue. Are all your other apps downloading correctly without payment?

Hi there, have you tried to tab on the app (i.e. opening the full screen information page) after searching for it in the store?

Opening that page has often shown updates I didn’t see on the search result page which is why that would be my recommendation.

(The picture below shows the page I am referring to:)

No, it still shows the same issue…

That’s not too good… Sadly I am rather unsure what else to do as it should work if both devices use the same Apple-ID. I hope someone else can solve the issue soon!

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All my other apps are downloading without issue. I think I might need to contact them too.

Are you part of a family? (I.E Family Sharing)

Yes. Hope this helps!

Ok so, if you tap on your icon on the top right, then Purchased, then My Purchases, see if IF is in there.

Awesome thanks! Looks like for some reason it said it was bought by my dad but I just downloaded it. Thanks for the help!

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Awesome, glad I could point you towards that section. (Just report your original post to the mods and ask for it to be closed, or click which post you thought helped most)

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