App Store IAP List Update

Yes, no one really cares, but oh well, I’m bored. I kind of think it’s about time for the IAP list to be updated, as it isn’t very up-to-date. It might drive off even a few potential buyers, as they might look at the IAP list and think there aren’t very many aircraft or something. Just my 2 cents. o7


I thought about this a few days ago.

Oh, and just my 2 cents, but you should really update all those apps… Lol


Noticed this a few days ago.

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I’ve been wondering when this would get updated.

I’m not entirely sure but I think it shows the most popular IAPs.

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It is only the most popular few.

Wait, people buy the 757?

It’s quite popular actually.

I admit, I have never, not once, flown the 757. I’ll go do that.

Oh wow um, it’s actually quite a fun plane. So is the 767.

Isn’t this updated by Apple?

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