App stops with sign in

Yes I know I created a previous topic about this, but now it’s stopping, and I used 4 different accounts. Any support? Device: Moto C Android 7.1

I don’t know why thats happening but i’ll look into it and try to get you a solution

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Thank you @J2S 😁

I’ll start looking into it tommorow because im asleep

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Yeah I’m in UK too. Saw you’re in London. Yeah I’m going to sleep now.

Are you logging with with Google or Facebook?

Have you rebooted your device?

According to a website I found;
It says that it has 1GB of RAM (IF can run on this but not well).
Also it states the processor can do simple actions such as web browsing very well, but when doing gaming the device will struggle.

I think that your phone can’t run Infinite Flight due to the restrictions of the processor and that’s why it keeps stopping.


Google, I will try the reboot @Chris_S

@Gonzous no, I can run the game fine.

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On Android when this happens to me with various apps, a force stop usually does the trick. Reboot never hurts though, in addition to the force stop.

@Tim_B I’ll try force stop.

Yep, reboot done the trick. Mods can close topic now.