App still fails to load flights after backgrounding on IOS

Device:Iphone 7
Operating system:IOS 15
The newest update claimed to fix this, however it has not been fixed.

I could be wrong here, but I don’t believe this is a glitch. The app is not designed to run in the background on iOS and will “crash” if left in the background for too long.

Maybe one of the developers could confirm this?

Read the newest changelog entry- app should be able to resume flight after being backgrounded.

It isn’t intended to run flights in the background, only to resume them at their previous position.

Yea, I think you just need to wait for a developer to chime in. From my understanding, if you are in the middle of a flight on multiplayer, then you can’t background the app for any longer than a few moments.

Are you flying in multiplayer or solo?

Infinite Flight is not meant to be ran in the background. I also just checked the 23.3.3 changelog and do not see anything you are referring to. What changelog is it in?

While I completely understand the app not being designed to run in the background, that makes perfect sense, it is very frustrating when you don’t even close the app, but maybe a low battery notification or “cellular service is turned off” pops up, with the app still running and open, and it disconnects you from the live server with no possible way of reconnecting or letting the app know “hey, I’m still here.” I absolutely understand that a big part of this is how Apple handles that particular scenario, but I’ve got to believe there is a way to mitigate this.

I think he is referring to this. I pulled it from the 23.3 blog post.

  • App failing to resume after backgrounding on iOS
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Then maybe the devs were referring to the app can run in the background but for a very short period of time, such as just a minute.

That was about the app restarting when getting back to it after switching to another app or the home screen.
The app is supposed to “stay alive” for about a minute.
So it is about the app resuming and not the flight resuming.

But the app is constantly under development.
I can imagine a solution for being disconnected will be thought of somewhere along the line as well, so who knows what the future will bring. ;)

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