App still crashing

Hi all, I’m getting rather bored of asking for help and not getting any, so I’m hoping I can get some help this time around, I have done everything I can think of to get this app to bloody work however, when I’m about 2 mins into flight or just spawned. I’m on the latest version of the app, I’ve deleted and downloaded it again and yet nothing works. So please any help would be great as I do believe the app is great it’s just this tiny issue is letting it down hugely.

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Sorry you didn’t get your issue resolved. I have just looked through your latest support request regarding the same issue and noticed that your graphics settings for Infinite Flight are mostly on High. Those settings would work for the latest, high-end devices; however, judging by the device information screenshot you also posted, you’re using an iPad Air 2 - which was released back in October 2014, which makes it 7-year-old hardware.

Try lowering your graphics settings to Low and let me know if the crashes still occur, so me and other community members can better assist you.


Ok so I just completed a test flight from BOS-ATL, was a success however when I got to the gate and shortly after turning the engines off the app crashed. I did turn my settings down as requested, it does feel nice having a reply this time around and a solution to it, now looking for a new affordable replacement in the hopes to do some long haul in the future.

Okay, that’s at least a step in the right direction. For your next flight, ensure you don’t have any other apps running on your iPad, as they can fill up memory IF may need to continue running - to further prevent app crashes. Short-medium hauls should still be possible on your device.

Long hauls probably wouldn’t be possible on your current iPad though, so, as you said, I would recommend looking into a replacement device sooner, rather than later if long haul flights are your preference. Not the smartest advice one can give, but 7-year-old hardware simply cannot perform as well as it once did, and even less so with an ever-evolvong flight simulator - which is why I suggested you lower your graphics settings, it’s just a tradeoff you need to make at this stage to continue flying on this device.

Hope this helped you resolve your issue!

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