App Still Crashing!

I made a topic a few days ago with this issue and unfortunately I haven’t received much help. Im quite upset with this as I still cannot enjoy the full features of the game when I pay full price. I have seen some post about this problem in the past days but also there it looks like not much help from support!.

Here’s the problem.

App randomly crashes usually during cruising alt while on a ATC freq 30 minutesof the game operating.

Heres what I did:

Uninstall and reinstall
Clear scenery cache before every flight
All graphic settings on low
Delete all replays
All other apps on the phone are not running during the game.
Free storage 89GB to be exact.
Latest version of IF app. ( 20.03.04)
Latest software on my phone.
Airplane count: NONE!

Again I’m seriously disappointed about this situation which me and I’m sure other users of IF.

Phone details:
Samsung S10

When did this start:

It around mid Jan which was when I would turn dark mode on during the simulator it. Past Beginning of Feb it got worse and did it by it self hence why I’m here again!!

Here is some screenshot of my settings

If this is gonna be a poor service of Support again I would like to know if I can talk to a IF Developers in San Francisco about my issue.

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If you have a Exynos chip, it’s been a known issue for a while that unfortunately, doesn’t have an official fix. Obviously it’s frustrating, but staff can only do so much about an issue that may be out of their control.

So the crashes started when you turned on dark mode?

Try turning it off.

I did that and then it stopped. Now its just doing it itself now.

As seen here mentions when phone updated it worked fine. I cant say the same here im running the latest Samsung UI 2.5. What are the details of the new update? When i do a quick Google search i don’t see anything different from what I have.

Can you first confirm do you have the exynos chip?

No my phone is operating the Snapdragon chip.

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