App still crashes after hotfix

Apologies if I shouldn’t have made this topic but I didn’t know where else to go. The hotfix was pushed today which was really exciting because my app was always crashing after the 20.1 update. I downloaded the hotfix, spawned at JFK, started to make my flight plan but then it crashed again. This happened 3 times so I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or what. Any help would be much appreciated.


Give your device a nice restart and see if that help :)

You can also turn down your graphics and/or lower the airplane count.

It just crashed again. I restarted my device, had all graphics set to low, and had airplane count set to low. It happens whenever I go onto the map and try to select a SID or STAR by the looks of it


What device?

iPad 2018 9.7

Are you running any other apps in the background? I have the same device as you and haven’t experienced any crashes even before the hotfix.

Rendering Quality: Medium
All other graphic settings: High
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Limit frame rate: On
Aircraft count: High

No no other apps. I had all graphics set to low with anti aliasing off and airplane count to low and it still crashed

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Have you tried completely reinstalling the app?

Can you double check that the update actually installed? Like in the about page.

I had an issue with iOS where I hit install, and it said it updated, but did not actually update. This happened with some other app updates too

Same thing happens to me im starting to get annoyed because i really want to do flights but i cant and i know its not the devs faults i just dont know what to do im on a Iphone 6 8gbs storage space and all graphics low and airplane count none.

Yes it installed. “20.01.01 Hotfix, Fixed crashes and connectivity issues”


The iPhone 6 is an old device and 8GB of storage is pretty close to what infinite flight alone uses. Having your storage almost full can slow down your device resulting in app crashes.

Can you check in the actual IF app. In settings → about?

On my device its only using 1Gb and i have 16gbs so idk?

Which points to something other than the app being specifically at fault here. But you’re right.

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In your case it’s probably mostly just device age. When I had my iPhone 6 it struggled to run Infinite Flight reliably and that was almost 2 years ago.

It says 20.01.01 (321)

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Before 19.4 i could easily do Auckland to Doha no lag after 19.4 i could do 4 hr flight time max then it would crash now i can barely pushback.

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With which aircraft?

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777-200ER, American Airlines