App still crashed

Hi there,

Can someone help me with this?

Everytime when I use IF for a couple of minutes, my app is crashing.
I deleted all previous replay flights and my iPad is up to date.
What can I do?

I hope someone can help me.



Is it crashing in the menu or when you are flying?

What generation iPad do you use?
How much storage is left?

Hi BennyBoy,

It is crashing during the flight. When I fly, take-off or in landing mode.

I have an 6th generation iPad and I have 5,39GB left.
The problem is since yesterday.

Thank you so much!

What graphics settings are you using?

I don’th know…the same ones I have used for the last year.

Can you check by going into the app settings?

The iPad 6 is now 3 years old and with the rather performance intense updates we’ve had recently (clouds, 3D buildings, etc…), it’s likely your device can’t cope on the same settings you were using last year.

Hi BennyBoy,

Yes I can.

What should I change in the app settings?
Can you tell me your settins? Maybe that will work.

Thank you!

Have you tried clearing the scenery cache?

@30AR i have now…i will see if this works

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You need to tell me what you have your graphics settings set to currently…

If your settings on high try medium, if you have them on medium try low. However i would first turn down your 3D object density and see if that helps your issue.

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