App Spontaneously Quitting


I’ve had a few occasions where the app has spontaneously quit on me – most recently while doing pattern work with ATC at RCTP on ES. There was minimal traffic.

Both myself and another pilot had our app quit to the device home screen exactly as he was on right downwind (Q400), myself left base (A330). He had announced full stop when the app shut down spontaneously. This happened at the exact same time to both of us.

I had an issue with long hauls recently, so as of yesterday I deleted and reinstalled the app. Completed a nice 12-hour flight without issue WMKK-PHNL, but today the issue reemerged.

Device info:

  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • Lots of extra storage space
  • Cleared RAM before flight
  • Cleared scenery cache before flight
  • Graphics settings on ‘Good’
  • No background apps except IFAssistant
  • Plane count: medium
  • Limit Frame Rate: CHECKED
  • Anti Aliasing: ON

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or has anyone discovered a potential fix? Thanks in advance for your advice!

What about Anti Aliasing and limit frame rate?

Has it crashed with IFA not running? There have been other people reporting crashes and they have been using IFA as well. I am not saying it is the cause but just to narrow it down try without it.

If you press the home screen during your flight it is most likely Infinite Flight will restart to the main menu. This unfortunately happens and to avoid that you will have to finish your flight in order to do something else. This happens on my iPad too.

Hey Chris,

Limit Frame Rate: CHECKED (edited to clarify)
Anti Aliasing: ON

I have run into the issue without IF-A or other apps running as well.

Thanks, mate!

Try with limit frame rate on.

Hi @Kuba_Jaroszczyk,

It doesn’t look to be an error with pressing the home button. It happened to both me and @RoyalJordanian exactly at the same time, without pressing the home screen button. Not sure if that’s a coincidence…


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I was the other pilot …
and it was without IFA

App crashed at the same moment for both of us
Right after I reported my position

Chris, my apologies… I meant limit frame rate is CHECKED (On)… any other advice?

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Are you sure? Check again. As I said above if you press the home screen while your device is concentrated in running Infinite Flight, it will reset your progress and head back to the main menu. You must keep Infinite Flight running in order to maintain your progress.

I am guessing both of you may have pressed the home screen altogether resulting this happening. Does @RoyalJordanian runs iPhone 6 too?

Iphone x
And no I haven’t pressed the home button 😅

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hello my friend, @Kuba_Jaroszczyk. I can definitely say it wasn’t my finger on the home button. I had my left hand on the throttle, and my right adjusting Flaps. Hopefully there can be some clarification here, but thank you for trying!

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Thanks for letting me know. I’ll think of something else… :/


@AdmiralsAlliance wait since you did not press the home button that would mean that your application or IF crashed, not “spontaneously quitting”

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haha, semantics I guess. Yep, it could also be known as “IF crashed” :)

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So to clarify this altogether, at some certain point both of your devices has just crashed while running Infinite Flight at the very same time. This seems a little unusual.

Yep, crashed at the same exact moment while we were doing pattern work at RCTP. Seems weird to happen to two players at the same exact time! Thats why I wanted to post on support to see if anyone else was experiencing it.

How much exactly extra storage do you have currently? I recommend having atleast 2Gb free.

As you can see below, more than enough storage as I signed up for iCloud storage specifically so there would be space on my device for IF. About 39GB free.

Ok, you do have plenty left. Thanks for letting me know.


Can you please turn off Anti Aliasing? And please lower down your graphic settings like Chris S said above. Anti-Aliasing can run very slowly at times on the iPhone 6, especially in a busy airspace. My iPad Air always runs a little slower during finals, and in a busy airspace. Tell @RoyalJordanian to turn off Anti-Aliasing too.