App settings reset

So I hopped on to do a real life flight from ATL to the airport I work at and was greeted by my app having essentially been reset. My replays were gone, I had to redownload the Delta CRJ-900, my settings were reverted back having airplane names, dots, auto coupling for ailerons and steering on ground, landing aids, and my fuel had switched to KG when I’ve always used LBs. This happened after I took a short break from the app getting dropped from grade 2 to grade 1 by a single landing I just completed so I’m back to grade two. But I chose to take this break because I had multiple occasions where I was trying to do a flight from SFO-LAX and the app either crashed on taxi to gate or on approach to LAX. I still have all of my hours and total landings so I’m not worried about that I’m not worried about my replays my log book is still full of all my flights. I’m writing this because I’m curious if this has happened to anyone else?

Did you delete the app when you took said break? If so, it will do that.

No just didn’t open it and anytime I have deleted it that hasn’t happened

This has happened to me several times before. I just setup the app like I had it before and move on.

That’s what I did I was just curious if it was just me

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