App Runs in Background

Hi everyone! So I just was getting ready to land my flight from PVG-YYZ and I accidentally clicked the home button and 3 seconds later when I tries to get back in the app, the whole app started over like I closed the app and came back in. I think this is really dumb that it did that so I think there should be a way where the app can run in the background. Especially for atleast 5 seceonds! This would also be useful if your doing a long flight on a phone and you still want to do stuff on your phone even when flying.

This is pretty much not going to ever happen. If you get bored during long flights, then just don’t do them.

I find this a much more reasonable solution here:


I don’t have a device that can do that. This could happen, you never know…

I just don’t think most devices that can barely handle Infinite Flight as it is right now would be able to do this. I recon you only do a long flight while you sleep. That’s the solution.

That’s what I usually do. I kinda only want it so that app doesn’t start over that fast.

I think you have to redesign both iOS and Android for this to work. Can’t come up with one single live action app that can do this. Probably because of operating systems that doesn’t support it.


As someone who knows next to nothing about programming, would there be a way for a flight to be simulated by a server or outside agent rather than the app itself? Then, the app could take that location data and turn it into your transatlantic flight or whatever. Maybe. Sometime tell me why I’m wrong. Or right (unlikely).

How would this be any different than Farming Simulator 2017? I thought the whole point of a flight simulator would be to enjoy the scenery, graphics, aircraft model, etc. If Infinite Flight runs in the background how are you supposed to enjoy the features it has to offer?

Just a few questions for you to ponder. 🤔

I get what you mean but again I mostly just want to have it so that the app doesn’t restart super fast.

Not saying that it necessarily should be implemented, but just wondering how.

I think it could be a good idea if someone needs to answer a text, look at notes for something IF-related, or something else that requires a few moments.

That said, I can also see where it could be abused to do long-haul flights without paying attention. And, although that already happens on overnights, I don’t see a point in enabling people to do that during the day.