App replays last 0 seconds

Hi guys, hope you’re well.

I encountered this issue yesterday, where the replay only lasts two seconds instead of the usual duration of your flight (I did a landing that lasted two minutes). By this I don’t mean I’m starting the flight and then exit it after a few seconds. I hope I’m making myself clear. Here are two screens I took:

You can see in the first screen that the replay lasts 0 seconds, even though I made a full approach that lasted two minutes.

Here, on the other hand (and it was the first landing I did after some app inactivity), the replay lasts 2 minutes. Under it is a replay that lasts 59 minutes.

I closed the app, redid a landing, and it didn’t help. The issue is, for me, annoying, but I don’t want to delete the app and have to redo all my settings.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S21.

App version: Latest.


This could be a storage related issue. Please check that there is sufficient storage on your device for IF to store the replays on. You can free up space by deleting files/apps or clearing the stored data of IF (do know that this clears all data (including settings, replays, downloaded aircraft etc.), but is an effective way to clear up space on your device. You can always export important replays onto a different device if you want to).

Hope this helps!


It’s not that. The replays last 0 seconds, while past ones lasted 2 to 3 minutes. I still have plenty of space on my phone.

Edit: Came back from making a landing. It wasn’t even recorded by the app. I tested again, this time on the ground, and it did record a replay. Anyone knows what may be happening?

Hey there!

Has this only happened with replays of flights that have started in the air (i.e. starting on final approach for a runway in Solo mode), or have replays starting on ground also been affected by this issue?

Hi Alex, thanks for chiming in. It happened with short final flights. On the ground the replay was recorded. However, I tested again yesterday and everything seems to have gone back to normal. I’m gonna flag this topic for closure. Thanks for chiming in though.

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