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Hello! I looked, but couldn’t find a similar topic.

The simulator is taking up over 8GB of storage (about 1/4), with no replays and cleared scenery cache. Will an app reinstall reduce the storage the sim takes up? I suppose it takes up so much space because I have most planes downloaded on my phone, but would deleting them by reinstalling the sim save a lot of space? Please explain it to me if you can. Thank you!

I mean, it will, but you’ll have to redownload the planes… which basically puts you back to the 8 GB of storage you had previously.


So downloading just the 3 planes I fly (A319, A320, A350 and not all liveries, just a few I regularly fly) would bring it back up to 8GB?

Highly doubt that with only 3 downloaded planes and a few liveries you’d be back up to 8gb

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Also remember if you fly online the planes and liveries will download automatically in order for you to avoid taxiing through someone else etc… Replays only make up a bit of the total storage Infinite Flight takes but it’s probably not a majority of it.

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I marked your reply as a solution, as it helped me most. The other ones also helped me quite a bit. I reinstalled the sim and so far, my phone has 9GB of available storage. Thank you all, guys!

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