App Randomly Freezes on Airport or Callsign Selection Screen

I have been having an issue where the app will randomly freeze while selecting my spawn airport, or while changing my callsign. It happens randomly, so it is difficult to reproduce other than constantly repeating the process over and over again. Specifically, it will freeze after I hit the search button after inputting what it is I am looking for, or while changing any part of my callsign. The two issues might be separate, but they both involve the app freezing in a similar manner so I thought I would put them both in one thread.

Device: iPad Air 2 (ughhhhh)
IOS: 11.2

I’d suggest reinstalling. Sounds like the app is having some trouble when retrieving certain data…

I reinstalled a few weeks ago to see if that would fix the other lag issue a I’ve been having with the Air 2, and the issue still hasn’t changed, it has persisted.

It’s continued over many updates, I’ve been having this issue since global was first released.

Well, wasn’t that an inconvenient reply ;)
Infinite Flight definitely seems to be growing out of the Air 2.

How much storage do you have available for the moment?

1.1 gigabytes currently.

I just hope the Air 2 isn’t eliminated from the device compatibility list :(

And you have restarted your device right?

I personally haven’t ever experienced this. I fly every day aswell so at least it’s isolated.

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It’s been restarted a few times over the last few months, so I don’t think that would help.

The only thing I could think of would be the fact that my OS isn’t completely up to date

That’s a bit disturbing… i restart mine fairly often. At least one Springboard reset each day.
Might be worth trying to update iOS as well.

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I’ll try both. If I have the issue again sometime within the next few weeks, I’ll bump the thread again. Thanks for the suggestions, guys!


I tend to restart my device after multiple crashes. Tends to sort out the issues in some cases. Worth a go eh. Good luck!

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Anything to free up some ram. The air really needs every bit it can get…

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