App Quitting on Startup


Does anyone know how to fix the app quitting at startup on iPhone 5s


What iOS do you use?


iOS 9 has a problem where the app crashes on start-up
(that is, if you’re on iOS 9)


Yeah I use iOS9, is there a way to fix it


No way to fix it until iOS 9 is released to everyone and is not in beta


I recommend just downgrading to 8.4.1 or just using another device because at this time there is no fix. I’m sure they’re working on it though :)



I would suggest a factory restart. This does NOT make you lose any content in your iOS device, it’s is simply refreshes all applications and app processing. It DOES not reset anything. To do this hold down the home and shutter button at the same time, hold it down until the screen goes black and the apple logo re appears.


Dont complain. Whta did u expect to happen


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Ah, I see. Well then

May god help you


This bug report already exists, and Infinite Flight is currently not compatible with any beta version of iOS 9. Next time, don’t upgrade to beta software unless you absolutely have to or you intent to actually test it (instead of just to have it for fun because you want it before everyone else).