App Quitting iPad Pro

I’ve noticed recently while running in the PG as ATC the app just quits to the home screen on a iPad Pro. Am I the only one experiencing this?

Try the options listed below (it could just be a bug though)

  • Turning graphics settings down
  • Turn aircraft count down
  • Turn show other people’s boxes off
  • Turn airport/runway markers off
  • Turn aircraft names off
  • Closing other apps
  • Deleting other apps
  • Turn off the things you don’t need in settings
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I’ve only got this app running and I just tried turning the graphics down. Let’s see if that helps.

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Tried that and still the app will force quit.

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Maybe try the others. How full is your device, and when exactly does it quit (eg. when joining the server, when giving commands to an aircraft)? It could be that you are joining the server while someone else is too.

I’ve got 88GB free on my device. It happens when giving commands.

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Jailbroken Device?

Nope. Vanilla no mods.

Wow that’s odd I’ve dealt with some pretty intense traffic and I never have had a crash with the pro.

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@david is the guy for this

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It’s random when it decides it wants to crash

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