App quits when opening on iPhone 5C


The app quits and sends me back to the main screen every time I start it. It’s been happening ever since I downloaded it.


Reinstall the app :)


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Are you on iOS 9 beta or the regular iOS 8.4?


I’m using iOS 9 Beta


I’ve already done this several times.


IF doesn’t work with iOS 9 beta, and if you’re not a developer, you shouldn’t update to beta before a stable release comes out.


Are they going to make it available for iOS 9 ? And if they do, do I have to re-purchase the app again?


Of course it will be available for iOS 9 when ever it’s released to public, and no you already bought it the first time lol



Lol I was looking for that, but there you go mate, cased closed!, @Swang007 if you could please…

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