App Problem

Has anyone else been having this problem?

I have found a feature that is so useful while controlling ATC. If you double tap on a flight from the list of aircraft on your frequency, it will jump the camera to that aircraft so you don’t have to spend time trying to find and zoom in on individual aircraft within your airspace.

This feature was working great until recently when the app crashes and shut down immediately when trying to double tap any flight that is on the ground, regardless of whether they are tuned to found or tower. Is anyone else having this problem and if so are there any fixes or is it something that the developers need to know about?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried restarting the device? Clearing the cache?

It would be called aircraft or ATC cache then…

I was suggesting that they may of been an issue with device management so the RAM on the device might of been full etc so we can ask these questions to see whether this issue is localized to his device or widespread.Hence why the i asked about the cache so all options can be gone through.


Maybe Try:

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling IF
  • Shutting down your device for a minute or so and turn it back on
  • Close out the app and open it again

If those don’t work, I don’t know what will!


Hello there…

Its recommended when playing infinite flight to have all apps closed in the background to allow free Ram

If it keeps happening… Try restarting your device and if the issue is keep happening then I would try to Clear Your Scenery Cache. (Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache > Yes)… If some odd reason and it’s still happening try to delete and re download infinite flight…

Also what device are you using ?

as I might be able to find recommended settings for you !


Using an iPhone XS Max. Clearing the cache seems to have work for now. Thank you everyone!


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