App problem

I had many times fail access to the game , when i try to download the MD-11 ACFT it shows that I’ve to have PRO version then i try to login again using my Facebook but still no help.
I appreciate your cooperation pro team✈️image

That’s weird, have you tried reinstalling the app?
Checked you WI-FI?

Can you check if you still have your sub by clicking on your Display name in the top right? If it says you have a sub, check your WiFi connection.

Also looks like you are missing a F22… check that subscription.

You need a WiFi connection for the App Store to recognize your subscription. Without it you cannot fly purchased planes or regions only the base game.

Are you sure that you have a Pro subscription?
What is your device? What is your Operation System?
Are you connected to WiFi?
Is this a pirated or illegally downloaded version of Infinite Flight? Have you modified your device in any way?

Do you have Infinite Flight Pro?

Six responses so far and the OP hasn’t had a chance to respond. Come on folks.


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