App overheats and becomes glitchy

While flying on IF my phone got hot and caused the game too glitch. My phone is an iPhone 7.

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I am sorry to hear that. I am also using an iPhone 7, when my iPad is dead, and works just fine.

Have you tried any of the following suggestions?

Yup, but that didn’t work maybe I should delete IF and reinstall IF then try that again maybe it’ll work thank you

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Maybe try deleting the replay files that u have saved on the app itself

Liberate some storage of your phone too, how many storage do you have on your phone?

I’d have too check I don’t know off the top off my head

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If your device is overheating and becoming glitchy it’s probably due to your settings being to high, if you click here you’ll see a list of recommended settings for your device, if this doesn’t work, try reinstalling, deleting a few apps (last resort) or contacting a member of staff for further help. :)

Happy Flying!

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