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When I open the app everything goes black and it will then revert me to my Home Screen I have restarted my device and it has been doing this for a good few hours. I got a pro subscription just prior to this incident however it has happened to me before without the sub but it let me open the app after a few minutes I’m not sure what to do

This is a solution schyllberg has given to another user who encountered the same issue. Would this work for you? :)

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Hey There!

First off, welcome to the community, and make sure to check out our guidelines moving forward so you don’t get yourself in any trouble, haha.

Second, to address your request. I would personally recommend restarting the whole device, and(or) deleting the application itself, and reinstalling it. You can also lower your graphic settings if you do get into the app without it crashing. Lastly, I would recommend checking your network settings to make sure those are all good to go!

I am not a developer so there might be something else lurking in the shadows, so don’t take my word for it. However, this is what has worked for other users in the past, and I would recommend giving them a shot!

Once again, welcome to the community, and it’s great to have you here with us! :)

Also I would recommend checking out the topic linked above since it does contain info retaining to your current situation, and will give you some possible solutions.

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Your problem is your Internet connection please check your Internet turn it off and then on it should work

And welcome to the community @JJsenna

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