App Opening Issues

The global update was huge, however, my tablet (an iPad Mini 4) can’t seem to open Infinite Flight after I’ve updated it. I’ve restarted my tablet, reinstalled the app - nothing. The app simply doesn’t open. Honestly killing the fun. May an admin, mod, or even someone with experience give me advice? I’m running iOS 10.3.2, and don’t want to update to iOS 11 until most of my apps can run it and I am sure of my decision.

Hi there don’t panic, most of these issues can be resolved rather easily.

Make sure that you don’t have apps running in your background.

Have at least 1GB of RAM available and keep a few GB of storage free.

Once you open the app do not back out

A full restart of your device and app restart might do the trick once you verify that you have a strong internet connection and have followed the tips listed above.




Problem solved, restarted my device again. Thanks. Mods, please close

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