App not working (SEB I NEEED UR HELP)

I’m not in a family share thingy, and I brought it on the same account which i am using now to reinstall it!

Is there a staff member i can speak to about this? maybe they can shed some light and talk to me about the purchasing side of things. I legit have a receipt for the app lol.

If you go to your account, then to purchased, it’s not there?

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If you can’t figure it out then Seb can come help as he monitors the support category

It’s not there, but should be. i paid for it 13th dec 2020. i have the email in front of me

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how do we alert seb to this?

Have patience, he or another moderator/staff member are bound to come across it :)

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Only thing staff members can do in that case is just drop a list of suggestions on what to do, as app purchases are handled by the app store. Best bet is to contact apple support, this article seems to explain everything


idk but ive now lost about 1 month of flying!

If you’re 100000% it’s purchased on the same Apple-ID, do as others have told you - attempt a repurchase and it will tell you that you already own the item.


This is a first btw.


I take amusement to the title…



Haha yes. I’m 1000000000000% sure


Then shoot. Blame Apple if they charge you.

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Do you had IF in another device connected with your family?

Nah. Just me, myself and I

I’ll get my email draft ready

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ohh, it already happened to me that I had to click to purchase again.
After I click on pay pop up a message saying: “a family member already have this purchased…”, though that could be a option, but i don’t think so as you said you’re alone on that IF journey

I have family sharing and I’m able to re-download, but the “payment method” on IOS needs to be updated? 🧐. So I currently don’t have the sim 🥺😢 and I don’t know the solution. This is because I deleted the game because I had the beta and I didn’t know how to get the update. Can someone help?

I kinda have the same problem