App not working (SEB I NEEED UR HELP)

What do I do now. Like bruhhh. I can’t update to new version or new build.

Why can’t you update to the new update on the Apple/Google Play Store?


Oh one sec

Are you able to install the RTM version?

There’s no new update for it

The what??? RTM?

Just simply stop testing on test flight as the build on there will disappear and expire. Then reinstall the App Store version.

…back to finials for me

Yup. This is to ensure that everyone is on the same update. Please update - then everything should work.

If you have already updated from the apple store, restart your device and attempt again

Be advised that some people, including myself, reported that it was showing up in the app store as the previous 20.2 version, however if you download the app it would actually be 20.3, aka the new version

RTM = Released to Market
Basically not beta

I believe you can get this version by deleting the IF app you have now, going to the app store and reinstalling it from there.

Ok balloon. Will need some help. I’m on the same iOS apple account and for some odd reason it wants me to pay for it again. Like seriously!!!’

Restart your device and check again. That should refresh and fix it

How to restart your iPad:

How to restart your iPhone:

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It’s the same iOS account I used to pay for it before I went onto beta version. Now I am Not paying for it again!!!

Ok standby 1

reinstalling the app from the appstore will cancel out the beta, no data will be lost

Yeah don’t worry. If you’ve already paid, you won’t need to pay again :)

Ok clearly we have an issue here. Just restarted my device and no change!!!

It you purchase it again there is the possibility that it will correct it’s self and say that you already have it and just download.

I’m not taking the risk. I want a definite answer that i will not be charged

If it was bought on another account and you downloaded it as part of family share, buy it as you would a normal app and at one point it would just tell you that one of the family members bought the app and it would be downloaded without extra charge

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