App not opening

Hi guys!
today, I have been experiencing some difficulties with the app. this morning. I wanted to fly a flight but I could not see any waypoints or airports. I shut down the app and reopened it. but when I did, the app would not open for some reason. the app showed a black screen. then shut down, I reported it to the beta program but maybe you know how to fix it. I did everything to help it. I restarted my ipad. checked if both the beta and my ipad ios are up to date. both were up to date. I’d love to see a possible solution.

Hey Jesse!

How is your connection with the wifi? Please give some device info :)

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Leading on from @PilotChrisSG’s comment, are you on a WiFi or Cellular connection?

my wifi is good. everything else works.
ipad info: A1822. 5th generation 2017.

Have you gone through this topic yet to see if your solution is in there?

yes. no trending issues atm

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How often has it happened?

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Check your device space. This has happened to me when I have run out of space.

If this is the case, try closing background apps, and deleting unnecessary applications to free up space.

You can also try:

Soft rebooting your phone
Re-installing IF


You mentioned you were on beta, the app crashing on startup on beta is a known issue affecting some iOS devices.

You may want to report this here: App crashes on startup

Beta issues should be reported in the #open-beta category using the provided template, not #support