App not opening/loading

Device: Ipad 7th generation
Operating system: IOS 16.6.1

Recently, Infinite flight hasn’t been able to fully open to the main screen of Free flight, Missions etc. This seems to be issue seems to be reoccurring, as it happened yesterday, then was resolved, and then now it’s happening again, unfortunately. I’ve restarted my device, Reinstalled IF, changed networks and done most things recommended on other posts. Nothing seems to work though, which is obviously not good. This is the first time I’ve had issues like this ever.

The screen has been like this for 10 minutes straight, without any let-up. It might be worth mentioning that error code 8 was displayed before as in an hour ago, but I dismissed it. So yeah, any help would be widely appreciated.

It’d be nice if someone responded…

Try restarting your device, making sure you have a stable internet connection, and as a last-resort, reinstall Infinite Flight. Hope this helps!

Done all of that already

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Anyone else have suggestions?

Try to change your Dots per inch? one time the app was not loading or kicking me, changed it and then was fine

What do you mean by “dots per inch”?

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