App not loading after installing update

Hi everyone,

I’ve just updated the app after the open beta now expiring. But I can no longer open the app. I’ve restarted my device 3 times already and it’s still not working. And is just showing with a blank screen and then automatically shutting down.

Any help would be appreciated

I pad pro 2017 IOS 14.4.2


Did you delete the app first and then install the public build from the App Store?

You might want to try this, also, if you want to save your replays, you’ll need to back them up somewhere before you remove the app from your iPad.

I removed the beta and then updated the app from the main app store so not working now for some reason.

Okay great. Before you rebooted your device, did you stop Infinite Flight from running in the background too? I’d close IF first, stop it from running in the background, and then reboot your device.

Make sure you have a solid internet connection too just in case the app initially opens and tries to do an airport/navigation update.

It wasn’t running when the update was done.

But you tried opening it after updating. That’s why I recommend you stop it from running in the background then reboot your device.

Tried that rebooted it fully and it still isn’t opening.

Okay, try removing it again from General → Storage → Apps and select delete all and then reinstall. Reboot your device then reinstall IF.

It might have been an issue with the download from the App Store being corrupt.

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