App Not Connecting

I paid for the app and I tried to play but it won’t let me saying my internet is not working but my internet works fine, it also so says I don’t have a subscription but I paid and I think I actually paid 2x

Have you tried checking your connection? Restart your Router or Modem, if not restart your device. If all else fails try reinstalling the app and see if it works, please try that and get back to me.

I’ve deleted the app like 10 times and reinstalled it, my internet is fine or else I wouldn’t be able to do this or anything else on the internet. I have an iPhone SE running iOS 11.0.0

Ok, so you have a stable internet connection and you have signed in using the same account the sub is linked to?

As for payment issues, they’re governed by your play store provider now, so assuming iTunes, you will have to contact them via support on your device. An easy way to discover if you’ve laid twice is to see when your subscription ends, paying for a months sub twice will end your subscription in 2 mk the time. So if I pay today my 1 month will end 24 December, if I pay twice then it’s be 24 Jan 18.

I don’t really care that much about the money, I just want to play but I can’t

I understand that, however that’s how you will check if you’ve paid twice or not, which it doesn’t look like you have.

Confirm the account you signed in with is the one the subscription is linked to?

Did you try turning off your VPN? That may be the cause.

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I will try that, although the VPN is for school so