App name (was on flex your route map(

does anyone know the name of the app? i’ve been looking for the name since last summer.


It’s in the topic Flex your route map

i asked and no one replied to me

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Most people use Flight Radar 24


Hey Jay!

This is the PSA Airlines Crew Mobile App (I think). It is only available to PSA Airlines employees (the poster of that image is an employee)

As Chris linked above, MyFlightRadar24 is a free, online version for anyone!

Here is how you make one!

Step 1: Create a free MyFlightRadar24 account here
Step 2: Click “Add flight” on the top right-hand corner of the MyFlightRadar24 screen.
Step 3: Insert the date you flew the flight.
Step 4: Insert departure ICAO and Arrival ICAO as well as the Aircraft used.
Step 5: Click Next, and finish on the following two screens until that flight is saved. Add additional information when needed.
Step 6: Add as many or as little flights as you want!
Step 7: Go to “Settings” on the top right-hand corner of MyFlightRadar24
Step 8: Under “Profile Privacy” click Public.
Step 9: Copy the link in the top address bar
Step 10: You’re done! Paste the link into the flex your route map thread!


alright thank you all for the help

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