App loses connection [After Patch]


I was flying from Singapore to London Heathrow in the BA 777-300ER. I was on final about to land when a message popped up saying ‘lost connection’. I am pretty mad since it was a 13hr flight.

Device specs

Asus Z500m
4GB Ram
32GB storage
Android 7.1

Thank you

Was this yesterday? There were some sever issues then. Can you reproduce the glitch now?

It happened 10 mins ago. No server issues. I haven’t flown since this happened

How’s your internet connection? Try moving to a different internet source to see if it helps.

My internet connection is alright. I don’t think that might be the cause

It would be a logical cause - try testing your internet speed using an app like speedtest. I don’t see any other reason - what did the symbol on the top right corner of the screen display?

Everything was green

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Not quite sure what you want help with here?

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He lost connection on final is what I understood.

Yes. That I understand perfectly well. But now what?

Lol. I guess connection issue. 🤷🏼‍♂️

I think he’s just wondering why it happened in the first place. My view is that it was just a connection lapse.

Not much that can be done with these kind of topics. As previously stated, a connection glitch probably occured and we can’t change what’s happened.
Please report back if it’s possible to reproduce the issue.

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