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Hi hello pilots , hope all doing very well…and I want to know something from a superb pilot. On the APP mode landing some airport runway showing ’loc Alt” or some airports loc ‘Ground speed”…
So I want to know what is the meaning and details this…
And are all aircraft’s has that APP moose landing?
Including A380 / B747 ?


Actually when you see a Green LOC icon it means your aircraft has intercepted the Localizer. Which gives lateral guidance to the runway.

If you see a Green GS icon, it actually means Glideslope and not Ground Speed, and gives vertical guidance to the runway.

Both the LOC and GS allow you to have an incredible precision guidance to the runway.

Some older aircraft do not have access to the APPR mode, but will eventually get it once reworked (like the A380).

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So A380 hasn’t APP landing?

Nope, most older aircraft do not. If the APPR button is greyed out it is not available on the aircraft. The APPR button could also be greyed out if the aircraft is too heavy.


No it’s not. But when you press it when over MLW, a message will pop-up saying “Aircraft is overweight”


It means not tuned to an ILS. If it is not there, then it is not available.


I agree with @Variable that Appr is greyed out on A380 as with some other older aircraft since it’s unavailable for those aircraft.

I also agree with @TechGamingX that Appr is also greyed out if you haven’t tuned the ILS.

And I agree with:

Because, even if you are overweight, the Appr will still appear, as long as you’re in an aircraft equipped with APPR and it is tuned to an ILS.

The pop-up will give you a little surprise, when you are overweight.


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